C# dllimport 备忘录

dllImport的入口点问题 通过Dependencies查询Dll对应方法的EntryPoint 然后在dllimport的attribute中显式申明EntryPoint [DllImport("demo.dll", SetLastError = true,EntryPoint ="[email protected]@Gfeit@@[email protected]")] public static extern IntPtr DemoManager(); 导入类方法的问题 最好的方式还是使用C++构造wrapper,然后通过windowsApi的方式调用Pinvoke 参考链接 swig nuget swig C++/C# interoperability Working with C++ Interface Classes from C# Call function in unmanaged DLL from C# and pass custom data types [Marshal] SWIG and C# Example for SWIG to wrap C++ library in .Net 6

October 9, 2022 · 1 min · czyt